Best Rowenta Irons to Consider Buying in 2020

Winning Product :

Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam

In case you did not know, Rowenta is a German company for making portable appliances like irons. They have a wide choice of electrical irons including traditional and travel irons.

They also create products that use limited electricity. Therefore, some of their ironing units can be assessed as environmentally-friendly.

Most Rowenta irons run between 1500 and 1800 Watts and differ by the hole number which provides the jets of steam assistance even distribution into fabrics for ironing wrinkles.

Rowenta irons have a limescale collection and auto shut-off feature. Another benefit of buying a Rowenta iron is spending limits on the quality unit. Rowenta has various products of all budgets and zest.

However, this brand is reasonably known for manufacturing technically inventive products for household use.

Rowenta is a vastly prominent brand for manufacturing irons of all time. No one beats Rowenta when it comes to irons. They transmit high-quality units ever since 1909 and have attained respect over the years.

Rowenta irons are agreeably known for being user-friendly, having an elegant design, and delivering skilled results. That is why I wanted to discuss some of them today in case you are eager in purchasing one.

List of the Best Rowenta Irons

Rowenta DW5197 Focus Steam – DIY Crafters’ Choice

Highlights :

  • Automated steam with self-adjusting temperature 
  • Ergonomic easy to read thermostat
  • Crystal tank with graduated lines for checking water levels at a glance 
  • No automated shut off for longer ironing task

The Rowenta Partner of Fashion emphasis steam iron is the top choice for fashion designers, sewing enthusiast, and the DIY crafter.

It is designed with long-term use in mind, which comprises the ability to keep it heated for long periods without it automatically powering itself off. The fashion emphasis steam iron is a 1725-watt iron that has a smooth gliding stainless steel soleplate for an easy non-stick glide across many fabric types. It has an accuracy tip for those hard to reach areas, such as buttonholes, collars, around zippers, and any other packed area.

This iron has a 400-hole soleplate for even steam dispersion and includes an ergonomic, easy to read thermostat knob.

The steam features include auto steam which continuously adjusts the steam output based on the temperature of the soleplate, burst of steam, and vertical steam for all your upright needs. The system is self-cleaning, anti-calcium, and anti-drip, so you can iron at lower temperatures without leaks or spitting.

Rowenta DW7180 Everlast

Highlights :

  • Limescale collector for tough tap water use
  • Self-cleaning system Auto steam feature 
  • Potent steam shot for stubborn wrinkles

The Rowenta Everlast is an influential steam iron with lots of tremendous ironing features. It comprises many of the patented Rowenta functions while still having a user-friendly design that is ideal for everyday home use.

The self-cleaning system is prepared with an array of functions and an ergonomic design. The Everlast includes a patented limescale collector that can occupy up to 1 tsp of limescale from the used tap water. It collects around 1 tsp every 3 months hingeing on the water hardness. The collector is simple to eliminate and empty in sync. This is what makes this iron unique, and you can be sure it will last very long

The soleplate features 400 holes for a fully generated steam distribution for even simmering and three steaming options.

The 12-oz water tank will give you 30-minutes of uninterrupted steaming with a powerful steam shot for stubborn wrinkles, auto steam that automatically adjusts to the steam plates temperature, and anti-drip for low temp delicate jobs.

Rowenta DW2070 Effective Comfort – Budget Pick

Highlights :

  • Budget-friendly
  •  7-foot power cord with 360-degree pivot
  •  Effective comfort design with added thumb rest

The Rowenta beneficial comfort iron is designed with a special thumb grip for a satisfied and beneficial ironing experience. This, combined with its lightweight design, makes it a great budget-friendly option.

This iron encompasses an anti-drip system, 3-way safety shut off for peace of mind, and a stainless-steel soleplate that is scratch resistant. The steaming capabilities include a 300-hole steam plate, adjustable variable steam output, and a vertical steam choice for hanging items.

The effective comfort also has a self-cleaning system that enables prolong the life of your iron. It eliminates mineral deposits and has an integrated anti-calcium system to further extend the product’s life.

Rowenta DW8061 Professional

Highlights :

  • Multiple streaming options
  • Ergonomic dial
  • Anti-calcium system 
  • Steam boost technology

The Rowenta Professional Steam iron has all the features you require in a professional steam iron designed for home use and comfort.

This ergonomic design is perfect for avid-ironers and the occasional ironing out of essential. Regardless of frequency or familiarity, this ironworks for anyone. This skilled grade steam iron by Rowenta has 330-micro steam technology with a highly polished stainless-steel soleplate for an effortless and smooth glide on almost any fabric.

It has a 3-way automated shut off safety feature, an anti-slip frame, an anti-drip system, and an anti-calcium system to prevent calcium build-up from hard water.

The 1715 watts of power provide users with an extra extended burst of steam for stubborn wrinkles, thicker fabrics, and dry fabrics through the precision shot located at the front tip of the iron. It has a comfort grip handle, ergonomic controls, a covered filling inlet, and a 12.7-oz water tank for fewer fill-ups while ironing.

Rowenta DW2190 AccessSteam

Highlights :

  • Foot automated reel cord 
  • Auto-off safety feature 
  • Comfort grip handle 
  • Ergonomic temperature control

The Rowenta beneficial cord reel iron is excellent for accessible and effective storage while still being an incredibly worthy iron. It features a 7-foot power cord that automatically reels back in completely or partially for compact use and simple storage.

The powerful cord reel iron doesn’t just come with convenient cord storage. It also has three automatic temperature settings: delicate, normal, and max.

As well as auto steam that automatically determines the temperature based on the temperature of the steam plate. It has a strong burst of steam option for those stubborn wrinkles and thicker fabrics, vertical steaming for any upright needs, and a comfort grip handle to make ironing a comfortable task.

This iron is also prepared with an automatic safety shut off feature for preventive measures, anti-drip technology for delicate projects, and anti-calcium technology to prevent hard water deposits.

Rowenta DW9250 Steam power – Best Lightweight Iron

Highlights :

  • Lightweight design at just over 1.5 lb
  • Steam boost for stubborn wrinkles
  • Anti-scale and anti-calcium to prolong the life of the iron by eliminating impurities

The Rowenta DW9250 is one of steam energy irons usable from Rowenta, weighing just over 1.5 lb.

The lightweight polished design offers easy to use and grip without hardship. Coming in as one of the cheapest and portable alternatives, it is simple to see why so many users select it.

This light-weight iron has 70 steam holes on a stainless steel soleplate complete with an exactness tip, so you can iron precisely even in those hard to reach areas.

The accuracy tip also gives you boosted steam distribution for professional quality results every time. It has both an effective variable steam option and a burst of steam option for those difficult to get wrinkles that require an extra boost.

Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master

Highlights :

  • 7-foot cord and 360-degree swivel
  • Soothe grip handle
  • 1-year advertised warranty
  • Smooths wrinkles in a single pass
  • An extra-long burst of steam option

The Pro Master iron succeeds at an affordable price and has an unusual striking design. The highly polished stainless-steel soleplate and shield add that extra bit of flair and make the iron fit into any contemporary home.

The Pro Master Iron is a 1700-watt professional-grade iron with a full metal shield stainless steel soleplate and precision tip. The soleplate features 400 micro holes for even steam distribution each time you iron.

The steam options include variable steam, steam burst, and a cool-mist spray option. There is an anti-drip system, that is also self-cleaning.

The iron includes a 12.7-oz water tank that can be restored with water directly from the tap, no filtered water needed.

Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam – Highest Steam Performance

Highlights :

  • Removable tank for easy filling
  • Anti-scale system to prevent calcium buildup
  • Soothe grip handle
  • Eco setting for 20% energy savings
  • 1.5 hours of high powered steam

The Rowenta Perfect Steam iron is designed for hefty long-term use and has one of the largest water capacities available in a steam iron. Its 32-oz water tank is designed for constant streaming, up to 1.5 hours!

It’s perfect for large households, seamstress work, and the DIY sewing fanatic.
The excellent steam iron has 5 bars of pressure, so you can peel off stubborn wrinkles from hanging or drapes, as well as smooth and shape sewing projects.

The stainless steel 400-hole plate provides constant high-powered steam at the touch of a trigger for the fastest and most productive ironing. It also has an Eco-friendly option that enables for as much as 25% energy savings

Rowenta DW5080 Focus

Highlights :

  • Can be used with tap water
  • Lengthy cord for easy ironing
  • Heavy enough for pressed garments.

The Rowenta Focus is considered the second-best iron and has earned its spot as one of the top irons available. This inexpensive all-in-one iron is an excellent alternative for around the house everyday use.

The comprised safety features are a considerable service for the serenity of mind and include automatic shut off if you ever accidentally leave the iron unattended.

When left in a horizontal position or laying over, the iron shuts off after 30 seconds. It also has an auto shut off after 8 minutes when sitting upright in a vertical position.

It has a 10-oz water tank that can be filled with tap water, an anti-calcium system, and a self-cleaning function.

Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence – Editor’s Choice

Highlights :

  • 7-foot electrical cord for convenient use
  • 3-way safety shut off
  • Energy-saving design
  • Scratch reluctant soleplate with accuracy point
  • One-touch control
  • Anti-drip system

The Rowenta Eco-Intelligence iron is an excellent design for the eco-friendly user who prefers endurance efficient appliances.

It has numerous features and offers a high-tech design while still being power an energy-efficient.

The eco-intelligence design offers 1700 watts of power while still using 25% less energy than most traditional irons.

The 3De soleplate creates concentrated steam below the soleplate, which reduces the amount of steam lost, thus requiring less steam energy-saving steam system has multiple settings including a perfect finish that’s a dry ironizing, ECO for energy-saving steam, and boost for stubborn creases.

This iron has a delicate grip handle and an ergonomic rotary trigger, so both left and right-handed users can use it. 3-way auto shut off also gives you the peace of mind of knowing your iron will shut off if ever left unaccompanied.

Some of the other tremendous features include a self-cleaning system, vertical steaming, and cool spray mist.

Things to Consider When Buying Rowenta Iron

When shopping for iron, there are crucial features that you need to keep in mind to buy a unit that will satisfy your ironing needs. The following safety measure you must recall when shopping.

Safety Feature

I understand that some of you do not like auto shut-off feature in irons. However, it is necessary to buy a unit with fundamental safety features to prevent fire. Often Rowenta irons have a regular 8 minutes shut-off feature when left in an upright position, 30 seconds in a horizontal position & 30 seconds when left on their side.

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